About Us

The Automobile division of Craysol Group is a fast growing division of the company which has set its mark in the history by developing numerous technology for enabling better safety and improving efficiency. Craysol technologies is a part of the Craysol Group, founded in 1974, driven by the same team with the highest ambition, vision and strive for perfection. Craysol is the first company around the world which developed IFMS (Intelligent Fuel Management System) and used it in Speed Governors. The Research and Development Division of Craysol is accredited with several award winning technology in hardware, embedded software as well as in systems programming.

Way back in 2003, the first concept of Fuel based Speed Management System was conceived in the minds of the management and in two years, the dreams came to the light with the first Speed Governor XSP0403. The perfection and refinement that Craysol has brought in fuel based technology over past so many years is very evident as XSP0403 is the only Speed Governor model from India approved for VOLVO vehicles.

Our Vision

" To develop and promote cost effective and environment friendly technologies for a better and safer tomorrow."

Our Mission

To be an entrepreneur of choice by creating an environment of empowerment, development, excellence and fun. Innovating the enterprise with intelligent information solutions to enable our customers to be the benchmark of their industries.

Functional Areas

  • Research and Development for Improved Automobile Safety.
  • Facility Development and IT support for Petroleum Companies.
  • Domestic and International Outsourced Business Processes Operations.
  • Backend operational support for Telecom companies.


  • Developed the Most cost effective and environment friendly fuel based speed governor using our patent pending IFMS Technology.
  • The only Speed Governor with Type Approvals covering the wide spectrum of Commercial and non commercial Vehicles at wide speed ranges.
  • Thousands of installed and operational base.
  • Market leadership of more than 50%.