Speed Limiter Model Fuel -XSP0403

ECU is the state –of-the art Hard Ware unit. This is the brain of this product. The processing power of the ECU is at 16 MHz and uses Digital Signal Processors from Microchip USA ( This biggest giant in the industry )..
RISC based Ultra high speed DSP processor
The speed computation and control algorithm is performed with very efficient time management system developed inhouse.
The speed computation accuracy of the system is at 1/100 of a kilometer.
The Intelligent Fuel management System (IFMS) uses values and nozzles to regulate and create a perfect fuel management system. Fuel management is the most effective and maintenances free technology available in the market. IFMS broke the conventions of Speed Governor technology in the year 2003. With thousands of installations in India alone, constant follow ups, and taking customer feedback and with constant technology upgrades, we are proud to introduce this new revolution in speed Governance.
The Speed Sensor is an electro mechanical fitment to the gear box to accurately sense the speed of the vehicle. The Speed sensor uses hall effect sensors for the speed decoding. The technology of the system has been developed considering the nature of the work as well as the environment in which it has to perform. The materials as well as the design of the system has been given utmost importance.