Craysol Speed Governor Technology

IFMS (Intelligent Fuel Management System)

A unique technology called IFMS (Intelligent Fuel Management System) is used in our product. The IFMS uses valves and nozzles to regulate and create a perfect fuel management system. Fuel management is the most effective and maintenance free technology available in the market. With close to half a lakh installations, constant follow ups & customer feedback and technology upgrades, we are proud to introduce this new revolution in Speed Governance. Speed Governor with IFMS technology ensures a totally safe operation even at down hill as the accelerator pedal will always be at the normal position for the driver to maneuver the vehicle to safety. It uses low current compared to other system. The life of the product is more, lower cost to purchase and also to maintain

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Sealing Points

Since this device uses less mechanical parts and hi-tech electronic components, fuel efficiency will be optimum. Unlike other products ‘Craysol Speed Governor’ has a unique feature called ‘Limb Mode’ which allows driving of the vehicle at a maximum speed of 30 Kms / Hr and reach the nearest service centre.We have the maximum number of approved models. More than 200 model approvals in commercial vehicle segment from ARAI. Approval for 132 models and Its variants from ARAI @ 40, 50, 60 & 70 Km / Hr. We are the 1st & only speed governor manufacturer in India having approval for Volvo models.

How it works

Cost of the System

Cost of the system is lower compared to other technology and manufactures. The cost is very much justified with the fuel saving as well as the reduction on emission. We are sure the government is determined for a cleaner environment.

Reduction of more than 17 to 20 % on fuel consumption. The benefit turns out to be more than a Rupee / Km. For a vehicle running about 210 Kms /day (70 Kms x 3 trips), the benefit will be about INR.3, 500 per vehicle per month.